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Experimental film


Unawareness? Disconnected?

If you’re trying to talk with someone in disassociation, what will happen?

It might not be a dialogue.

This project is a "pseudo-documentary" that pretends to film a conversation between a “seems functional” person and a person who is experiencing disassociation. In this conversation experiment, one party could not realize its presentense, which in detail, means this person is unaware of where they are, may not feel that someone is trying to talk to them, or may not understand the content of the conversation. 

The project attempts to physically present the cognitive differences between the two parties in the conversation experiment through the use of different languages and optical printing technology. Regarding “different languages,” the artist was inspired by ancient Chinese vocal mimicking arts, so she would force one party to imitate animal calls in this conversation experiment, to create a new language system that is completely unable to communicate with other humans.

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