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AR Interactive Installation
Individual Project


Unknown / Fear / Surprise / Fright


As a contemporary practice of Paul Virilio’s theory "War & Cinema", this project is trying to discuss how AR technology could use to simulate war, deconstruct war, and impress the way people observe war. This project deliberately eschews the level of human involvement when creating content by maximizing the use of AI to generate short videos. Moreover, the project is also an ambitious attempt to simulate the progress of users browsing short video software (such as TikTok) in a virtual gallery. The project tries to convey this feeling: everything is unreal, even the war. In this exaggerated simulation, the reality and seriousness of war are getting dissolved.



It is so sad this project was finished before ChatGPT came into the world. Otherwise I don't need to get myself drunk to automatically write the keywords.


An AI paraphrasing tool. I used it to rephrase my automated writing outcome into some descriptive text prompts

Disco Diffusion

Translated the text prompts into animation based on the style of a given artist.

Unity + Vuforia

To build a virtual gallery and placing artwork inside it. The Vuforia plugin is used to scan and reproduce real-world space in Unity.


"1.One huge blood-red eyeball floating above New York City, right above the Statue of Liberty. The eye start rolling, and then tanks driving out of the pupil, all the tanks falling downward the New York, they exploded and people dead. by Paul Delvaux, Trending on artstation.“, ”red color scheme”


"On a sunny day, the atomic bombs fell on the Alps1 in spring, the forest was blown up, flower petals flew in the sky, and five mushroom clouds rose at the same time, by Salvador Dalí, Trending on artstation.“, ”purple color scheme”


"5 students enjoy eating bombs as snacks. Their heads explode, and books spew out of their heads and fly everywhere, by Salvador Dalí. Trending on artstation.“, ”red color scheme”

putin_grocery shopping.gif

"It is a sunny day, Putin coming out of Costco with a shopping cart full of groceries, Putin is laughing, and then fighter jets bombed the Costco. By Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Trending on artstation.", "blue color scheme"

"Monty Jesus is watching you"

Possibility test
in my bedroom

Luckily, I'm not a Christian. Well, to be precise, my faith is not important in this case... I just don't want to experience lying in bed at midnight and seeing Jesus' face slowly appearing on the screen again.

Another funny discovery - Even Disco Diffusion tried its best to simulate Putin's appearance, but clearly it didn't have enough material to simulate Costco."

alpha version.gif
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